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Woofmasta Cooling Coat

We are very strong advocates of cooling coats for dogs. In the modern age we often take our dogs everywhere and have our dogs with us outside, and sometimes it is a little too warm for them. Unlike humans, dogs have more trouble cooling themselves, they don't sweat like us, they are only able to sweat a little through their paws. The way they normally reduce their temperature is by hanging out a big wet tongue, and through the evaporation of the moisture on their tongue, they are cooled, but it is slow.   We have a selection of cooling coats for dogs in our shop and this is the latest one we have taken a liking to.  The Woofmasta is...

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Keeping Your Dog Cool

Now I know in the UK we don't exactly have soaring summer temperatures, but there are some days when the gauge might hit 25 degrees (yippee!) and we have to be very careful that our four legged friends do not over heat.   Some breeds struggle more than others, BULLDOGS, NEWFOUNDLANDS and HUSKEYS to name but a few but no matter what shape, colour and size, all dogs need to be kept as COOL AS POSSIBLE, so what's best to do?  There is the obvious advice, don't walk them in the heat of the day, don't leave them in cars and do make sure there is always plenty of water about.   However, there is a product on the market that will also...

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