Rope Slip Lead
Rope Slip Lead

8mm Rope Slip Leads

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British Made Gundog Leads

Our gundog leads are a combination of both lead and slip collar and have a sliding stopper to restrict the opening of the collar. They are the perfect all in one solution for your dog. The rope is kind to your hands, and as there is no chain collar to catch and pull out fur, it's also kind to your dog.

Gundog leads could not be easier to use. Simply place the loop of the slip lead over the dog's head and you are ready to go with instant control over the dog. Obviously these are called gundog leads for a reason, they are used by many gundog owners who's dogs walk to heel and for the ease of slipping them on and off. They are not really suited to dogs that pull on the lead.

We use these leads ourselves and have done for several years, we love them for their all round ability.

Features & Benefits - 

  • They are fully spliced at the loops, unlike many leads that will be stitched or glued. They have a rubber shrink wrap over the join for protection and aesthetics
  • These gundog leads are made for us here in Britain and we really like supporting British businesses
  • Rope is easier on your hands
  • Leather Stopper

Size Guide -

What length lead will I need?

The length of lead is a personal choice but usually the smaller the dog the longer the lead.  The most popular length of slip lead is 1.5m (5') in 8mm and 10mm, and 1.2m (4') and 1.8m (6') in 12mm.

What diameter (thickness) lead will I need?

8mm - The most popular size of rope or braid lead.  Strong enough for all breeds and a nice size to handle.  A perfect pocket size lead, whether it's a clip or slip.  These leads are used and recommended by dog trainers and behaviourist.

10mm - This size of lead is for the stronger dog and kind to your hands.  Our 10mm 1.5m length matt slip lead with a leather stop is a popular lead.  Our 10mm 1.2m length is popular for a clip lead.

12mm - For the larger dog, a good chunky strong rope lead, popular for both slip and clip leads.  Slip leads are popular in lengths 1.2m and 1.7m with or without stops and for clip leads, the 12mm is popular in 0.65m and 1.2m lengths.