Woofmasta Cooling Coat

We are very strong advocates of cooling coats for dogs. In the modern age we often take our dogs everywhere and have our dogs with us outside, and sometimes it is a little too warm for them. Unlike humans, dogs have more trouble cooling themselves, they don't sweat like us, they are only able to sweat a little through their paws. The way they normally reduce their temperature is by hanging out a big wet tongue, and through the evaporation of the moisture on their tongue, they are cooled, but it is slow.


We have a selection of cooling coats for dogs in our shop and this is the latest one we have taken a liking to. 

The Woofmasta is a cooling coat that incorporates a technical absorbent filling....sounds complicated, not really, it just has a lot of absorbency, so it can hold quite a bit of water, and it is this water being evaporated by the ambient temperature that draws the heat out of your dog. The manufacturer states it will keep your dog cool for up to 10hrs, now we doubt that very much, unless it is a Chihuahua on a day that is only reaching less than 20 degrees! However, we shall carry out some testing of own to see how it gets on in a real situation.

As our dog's guardians we are responsible for them and their well being, now it might be said that dog's should be left at home on a hot day, well sometimes being left at home is far more stressful for a dog than being with you on a hot day, so just make sure you have all the right kit to ensure they are safe and healthy, so investing in a good Cooling Coat is doing just that, along with water, Water Bottle or dog bowl etc, your dog will still be safe and enjoy a warm day out with their family!