Keeping Your Dog Cool

Now I know in the UK we don't exactly have soaring summer temperatures, but there are some days when the gauge might hit 25 degrees (yippee!) and we have to be very careful that our four legged friends do not over heat.  

Some breeds struggle more than others, BULLDOGS, NEWFOUNDLANDS and HUSKEYS to name but a few but no matter what shape, colour and size, all dogs need to be kept as COOL AS POSSIBLE, so what's best to do?  There is the obvious advice, don't walk them in the heat of the day, don't leave them in cars and do make sure there is always plenty of water about.  

However, there is a product on the market that will also ASSIST WITH KEEPING YOUR DOG COOLER and it's called a COOLING COAT.  RUFFWEAR do a very good version of it and they have named it the SWAMP COOLER and for those of us that don't know how this works, I will try and give a brief description:

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler


The coat just looks like a normal jacket but comes in only one colour, light grey, which is DESIGNED TO REFLECT HEAT FROM THE SUN. Before putting it on your dog SOAK IT IN WATER AND THEN WRING IT OUT, once it's on the dog the WATER EVAPORATES FROM THE COATS RESERVOIR WHICH EXCHANGES THE DOGS HEAT, noticeably cooling your dog.  The jacket has auto lock buckles on either side, making it extremely easy to put on and take off. 

Various shapes and sizes of dogs have purchased a coat from us, one of them being a Husky named Blu who SUFFERS FROM EPILEPSY, with his condition his owner Victoria was very worried about him OVER-HEATING on warmer days and so he is wearing it a lot, he seems quite happy in it and it's making her life a little bit less stressful.

So if you are worrying about the heat and your dog this summer, we and many other people definitely think this is worth a look, so check them out -  RUFFWEAR SWAMP COOLER