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Neoprene Slip Lead

We have used the Long Paws Comfort Leash for quite a while now, it's a clip lead, pure and simple, but we have found the lead section to be strong and durable and the neoprene handle is comfortable on my poor over worked hands!  So when Long Paws brought out the Comfort Slip Leash, I was keen to try it out on Luca.   The lead section and handle is the same as the clip lead, the braid has a small amount of spring that absorbs the initial pull shock but not too much so that you are struggling to judge your dogs distance, and again the handle is made out of neoprene so it's just as soft.     If...

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The Best Dog Lead?

Surely a DOG LEAD is a dog lead?  Any old lead will do?  It does what it's supposed to do?  No, not really, in my experience there are good DOG LEADS and bad leads and I've used plenty of both over the years.  Ones that have stopped the circulation to my hand as I have wrapped it around, ones that have burnt my hand when the extendable bit extended far too quickly and ones that have only lasted a matter of days. One dog lead that I am using at the moment which I am particularly impressed with is the Long Paws Comfort Leash.  It's not extendable, it's not a bungee, but it's a STRONG DOG LEAD & a SECURE DOG LEAD.  The main reason why I...

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