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I hate to sound a bit of a know-it-all and I generally I don't think I do, however there is one area that I do think I know a little bit about as past experience taught me a very expensive lesson, and that's chewing.  Spike is a Bulldog, their jaws are renown for being extremely strong, originally they were bred to bring bulls down, hence their name, and Spike has proved no exception to the rule.  Visiting many shows with our Tuffdogs Stuff stand I find I have the following conversation a lot........Customer: 'My dog Bert chews'.Me:  'Oh dear, that's not good, I know what that's like, what has Bert chewed'?Customer: 'He chewed his bed'.Me:  'Yes, Spike had a lovely...

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The Indestructible Dog Toy

DOG TOYS are a very tricky business, if you are anything like me you are always on that constant search for the ever elusive INDESTRUCTIBLE TOY, in the past it was only ever the KONG that came close to this brief however recently I have come across another company that is standing up to Spikes high level of toy testing! STARMARK ACADEMY is the largest most COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING, BEHAVIOUR AND EVENT CENTRE in the USA, in fact I think the world and they specialise in understanding how DOGS THINK, PLAY AND LEARN.  Using this knowledge they then developed STARMARK PET PRODUCTS, which are a unique range of INTERACTIVE PLAY TOYS, TRAINING TOOLS AND TREATS that helps CREATE MENTAL STIMULATION and...

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