The Indestructible Dog Toy

DOG TOYS are a very tricky business, if you are anything like me you are always on that constant search for the ever elusive INDESTRUCTIBLE TOY, in the past it was only ever the KONG that came close to this brief however recently I have come across another company that is standing up to Spikes high level of toy testing!

STARMARK ACADEMY is the largest most COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING, BEHAVIOUR AND EVENT CENTRE in the USA, in fact I think the world and they specialise in understanding how DOGS THINK, PLAY AND LEARN.  Using this knowledge they then developed STARMARK PET PRODUCTS, which are a unique range of INTERACTIVE PLAY TOYS, TRAINING TOOLS AND TREATS that helps CREATE MENTAL STIMULATION and REDUCES BOREDOM.  So we decided to put the gang on the case to see what they thought!


This is semi circular in shape with a treat in the middle that can be replaced and extra smaller treats can be inserted from the underside.  It has GUM MASSAGING NUBS on the underside too and the idea is for dogs to roll it around the floor as they play, lick and chew it.  Don't ask me what it is made of, they just state that it's 'STRONGER THAN RUBBER' and great for POWERFUL CHEWERS but whatever it is, it works because after a few months of hard testing it is still intact! 

Everlasting Bento Ball



This is one of Cocoa's favourite toys as she LOVES TO CATCH AND RETRIEVE but it is very deceiving as it appears soft and you would think once Spike and Luca got hold of it then it would be no more but that hasn't been the case.  Yes there are teeth indents in it but that's about all. With no cover to chew off, it’s safer than a tennis ball. It also floats in water so is great fun for dogs that like to retrieve from water. It really is much stronger than it looks but still lightweight, even soft enough to be used indoors!


This is green in colour and comes in three sizes and we have tried the largest size. You can use their UNIQUE INTERLOCKING TREATS in each end and insert smaller treats inside, however we haven't done that yet as we haven't be able to remove it from either Spike or Luca yet! They have been constantly playing with it and Luca will sit with the ball between his paws trying to destroy it, however he hasn't done it yet and therefore do I need to say anymore about it?

So the verdict?  I still don't think there is such a thing as an indestructible toy, even their packaging claims only 'virtually', however at the moment its the best you are going to get!