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HEXA Webbing

Side Release Buckle HEXA Webbing Dog Collar - Hot Pink

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HEXA webbing is a PVC coated webbing very much like BioThane© Webbing except it is softer and more flexible, and because it is more flexible we think it is a better material for making side release buckle collars. It is hypoallergenic and waterproof just like BioThane©️ Webbing, and it is soft but strong, and it's very easy to clean.

We know some people prefer to have collars with side release buckles as they tend to be easier to put on and take off, so we have designed these fantastic HEXA webbing dog collars. These ones have a plastic side release buckle, the remainder of the hardware is either plastic or stainless steel, so these collars are fully waterproof and perfect for dogs that spend a lot of time in water. We also make them with half metal, half plastic buckles that have nickel plated hardware and so less suitable for the water.

We have 4 sizes, the Small being 19mm wide, so suitable for medium sized dogs. The Medium, Large and Extra Large are 25mm wide so better suited to larger dogs.

* Sizing of the collar is based on keeping all the hardware on the collar at either the top or side of the collar so that only the webbing is against the throat of your dog. We have done this for the comfort of your dog. If you have any questions regarding the sizing please contact us first - info@tuffdogsstuff.co.uk

Sizes -

  Width To Fit Neck Size
S 19mm 33 - 35cm
M 25mm 36 - 40cm
L 25mm 41 - 46cm
XL 25mm 47 - 55cm


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