Cocoa & Luca's Handmade Dog Accessories

In 2017 we created our very own brand, Cocoa & Luca's, a collection of beautifully designed and made products. For those of you who are new to the Cocoa & Luca's range, every piece is handmade by us, by our very own fair hands. So every item is made with love, time and attention. The paracord collars and leads are always made to measure, so rest assured your dog will have a special, custom made collar or lead.

We also make our very own toys, a selection of fantastic interactive toys, designed to enhance those games between you and your dog, and make them far more enjoyable and rewarding for your dog.

We strive for customer satisfaction with our toys and we welcome all feedback. We also love making bespoke items, so if you have a specific need, just ask us!