Paracord Dog Collar

So here at Tuffdogs Stuff we know a little bit about knots, especially PARACORD KNOTS. You might well ask ‘what on Earth are Paracord Knots, or even PARACORD?

Well Paracord is a shortened word for PARACHUTE CORD, and as the name suggests it is cord that is used in the manufacture of parachutes, so of course it is very strong. As well as being used for parachute cords, Paracord has been used for a long while in the manufacture of all sorts of things, and one of those things is SURVIVAL BRACELETS, Bear Grylls has his own design! The concept being that a very long piece (about 12ft) of very strong (over 200kgs breaking strain,) useful cord can be woven into a bracelet, to be used in all sorts of survival situations, or just replacing a broken boot lace! Personally I keep my dog whistle on a Paracord Lanyard.

We have been making PARACORD PROJECTS for a little while, just for fun and personal use, after a friend saw one he asked ‘do you know how to make a Paracord Dog Collar?’ It isn’t anything we had tried but we thought we would give it a go.

So this is the first Tuffdogs Stuff Paracord Dog Collar and it is a Half Choke Collar as that is what our friend wanted.

Paracord Dog Collar


So is this a new enterprise?......... Probably knot!

Will we make more?..........for sure, if anyone is interested we will be making them to order. We will try other designs and we will be posting the results here in our blog and on Facebook.

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