Dog Collars

It's very interesting doing the shows and being on our stand, in the quieter periods I get to partake in one of my favourite pastimes of people watching and trying but never succeeding in understanding the strange phenomenon that we call the human race.

One of the things that seems to be the most common is the ongoing argument between men and women concerning the colour of their dog collar.  RED DINGO produce some very lovely DOG COLLARS, they are hard wearing, they are extremely easy to clip on and off, the sizes are very adjustable and they wash really well, I found this out after Luca had a lovely sheep poo rolling session.


Red Dingo Dog Collar


This isn't what attracts people to them or causes said on-going argument. The conversation generally goes like this:

Wife:  'Gosh, these dog collars are nice, lovely colours, I love the lime green one’, turquoise, red, cosmos orange, red with white stars, basically anything that is bright and colourful.

Husband:  'Yes, they are quite good, but could we just go for a brown or black collar please?'

It doesn't seem to matter if the dog is male or female, yes, of course a male dog doesn't want to wear a PINK COLLAR for instance but he could still wear a nice bright blue one, why has it got to be black or brown DOG COLLARS?  

Unfortunately my husband is no exception to this rule either, as both Spike and Luca are currently sporting RED DINGO brown collars, yes I know I'm female but come on guys, cheer up a little and prove me wrong, treat your dog and put a little more colour into both of your lives!