Collars for Long Haired Dogs

You would think the choice of COLLAR for a DOG would be an easy thing, if it's the right size and the right colour, Bobs your Uncle, buy it!  Not so for Cocoa, as she is a SPANISH WATER DOG, her coat, unless trimmed is long, thick and prone to matting as she cannot be brushed.  In the past, all the DOG COLLARS we have used have just flattened her coat down around her neck, making it matted or worse, losing the fur on the part underneath the collar.

Until we happened upon the RUFFWEAR KNOT-A-COLLAR, it is made of 7mm rope with sliding fisherman knots which are adjustable for a good fit, making it secure around the neck, but not too tight and most importantly the shape makes it a ROUND COLLAR thereby REDUCING FUR MATTING. The other good points are that it has INTEGRATED REFLECTIVITY to help on cloudy days and nighttime walks with an ANODISED V-RING for SECURE LEAD ATTACHMENT.

Now I am always a little skeptical when new products come onto the market claiming to assist with this problem or minimising the problem, however on this occasion, I think it definitely works and Cocoa seems very happy wearing it.


Colours available:  BLUE SPRING, OBSIDIAN BLACK, PURPLE DUSK and RED CURRENT.  Cocoa wears the Purple Dusk, which, I think suits her really well!

Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar