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Tug Toys - 'Puppy Pack'

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We put our Cocoa & Luca's 'Puppy Packs' together as a donation to Medical Detection Dogs, they have lots of puppies that go to socialisers to learn how to become a social, calm and balanced puppy that can then go on to be trained to become a Medical Detection Dog. Our puppy packs are sent out to the socialisers to help with the puppies training and for them to have some fun in between the hard work. We would like to offer our puppy packs to all puppies out there, so here they are!

The Cocoa & Luca's 'Puppy Pack' consists of a small 'Fleece Tug Toy' to encourage those tuggy games, and it also contains a small 'Snuffles Tube' to be filled with treats and to encourage and reward non destructive play, but also just to give your puppy some fun!

The 'Puppy Packs' are sent out in a lovely Jute bag so they also make great gifts for your friends dogs!

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