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Paracord Slip Lead

Paracord Slip Lead

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These handmade paracord slip leads are beautifully designed and perfectly functional. They are very strong, very durable, and very stylish. They have been pre-shrunk so they will not shrink when they get wet.

They are made from 550 spec 7-strand Paracord (parachute cord) and have a breaking strain of 250kg.

This design is the '4 Strand Round Braid' and comes in 2-colours from a choice. We use slip leads ourselves, and one of the problems we have is the handle getting twisted when the dogs get excited, so we have added a swivel in the handle, this means no more twisting! It makes a great difference and really enhances these fantastic slip leads.

These are made to order and the length is based on personal preference. The 1.2m & 1.5m versions are suitable for use as a figure of 8 lead over the nose.

Please email us after ordering so that we can get your choice of colours. As these are made to order please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your lead.


The first slip lead is Mocca and Olive, the second is Black & Fall Foliage.

Main Colours - Black, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Red, Neon Pink, Purple, Expresso Brown, Khaki Gold, Safety Green & Electric Blue.

Accent Colours - White, Black, Mocca, Cream, Graphite Grey, Grey, Coyote Brown, Petrol Blue, Black with Silver Diamonds, Neon Pink with Baby Blue Diamonds, Acid Purple with Silver Diamonds, Fall Foliage, Chameleon, Electric Blue with Silver Diamonds, Rose Pink, Chocolate Brown & Mocca Diamonds, Cream & Orange Diamonds, Neon Orange & Neon Green Diamonds, Infectious, Neon Yellow, Passion Pink, Olive, Leaf Green, Army Green, Fern Green, Branch Brown, Prussian Blue & more.

See Paracord colour chart here - Paracord

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