Leather & Paracord Dog Collar
Leather & Paracord Dog Collar
Leather & Paracord Dog Collar

Leather & Paracord Adjustable Dog Collar - 'Solomon's Fire'

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As an alternative to our BioThane® and paracord adjustable collars we have been developing a leather alternative, so instead of a BioThane® end this collar has a high quality Brown greased leather end.

Greased leather (fat leather) is a type of leather in which the leather is treated with natural oil or wax and has a slightly waxy surface. The colour of the leather is not applied by coating but is impregnated, in a way that the structure of the leather is clearly visible. Greased leather is low maintenance, marks can be removed by hand, the warmth of the hand makes natural oil reappear, eliminating the mark. Greased leather has some resistance to water but isn't waterproof.

This listing is for this collar seen in the photos, at the moment we are not offering a bespoke service on these collars, hopefully we will do soon.

This collar has the sizings below:-

Width               Length         Fits Neck Size

20mm                50cm             34-40cm

Ideally this collar is suited to a dog that has a 36-38cm neck so that there is some adjustment either way.




This collar has Branch Brown as the main colour, then Leaf Green & Honeycomb as the accent colours.