BioThane Webbing Dog Collars
BioThane Webbing Dog Collar
BioThane Webbing Dog Collar
Biothane Webbing Dog Collar

BioThane® Webbing Dog Collar - Olive

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Do you have a dirty dog! Is your dog a mud magnet! If you're like us then the answer is yes, Luca our Spinone is that dog, if there is muck, he will find it! That's why we developed our stink-proof, easy clean BioThane® Webbing Dog Collars.

BioThane® webbing is a PVC coated polyester webbing. It comes in a variety of colours and has some pretty special qualities, it is stink-proof, it is waterproof, it is soft but extremely tough, and it's very easy to clean. With all these qualities we thought it would make an excellent dog collar, and it does! The collars are handmade by us, they have stainless steel hardware, so no rust, they come in 9 different sizes, so should fit all sizes of dogs!

All our BioThane® webbing dog collars now have stainless steel strap keepers fitted!

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Sizes -

  Width Length To Fit Neck Size
XXS 16mm 35cm 21 - 27cm
XS 19mm 35cm 21 - 27cm
S 19mm 40cm 25 - 30cm
M 19mm 45cm 29 - 35cm
M Wide 25mm 45cm 29 - 35cm
L 25mm 50cm 34 - 40cm
XL 25mm 55cm 39 - 45cm
XXL 25mm 60cm 45 - 51cm
XXXL 25mm 65cm 49 - 55cm

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