The Toys!

Our handmade fleece Snuffles Balls, Snuffles Mats and Snuffles Tubes have really taken off and with that I am so pleased, right proud I am! But don't forget we do other fantastic fleece tug toys too, ranging from the simple round fleece tug toy or square Fleece Tug Toys to many variations with different toys attached, from balls to teeth cleaning tools. Here are a few of the different variations:  

The 'Stretch' is great for agility work, a handle for you to grab hold of while your dog pulls at the tassels at the other end, the fleece stretches and encourages your dog to run, hopefully making a clear round on that agility course! 


The 'Fig of 8' is a good, strong tug toy.  Again, a handle for you which will protect your hand and at the opposite end, another loop for your dog to grab and tug.


The tug toys with balls are all different shapes and sizes, with either just a rope or with a handle for a better grip. Some of the balls even have spikes which are designed to help clean teeth and have a minty smell!  

Hours of fun can be had playing tug or fetch with any of our Cocoa & Luca's toys, I won't say that they are indestructible but they are pretty tough and will definitely keep your dog entertained!