The 'Stretch'

Fleece Tug Toy - The 'Stretch'

Hugo, an adorable Dogue de Bordeaux is a very good customer of ours, he has many of our fleece tug toys, loves them, uses them on a daily basis and they are still going strong, so a very good test for us. When Hugo mentioned he was doing agility and wanted a special toy to help with this, we listened because we take Hugo seriously and how many Dogue de Bordeaux's do you see do agility!? Respect to Hugo!

He didn't want the toy too big but it needed to be strong because even while doing agility he chews, he sees this as a reward for doing well - not treats, just chewing! It needed to be long enough for him to grab one end but also big enough for his lovely owner Laura to hold at the other end and not get her hand caught by Hugo's rather large jaw. 

After a lot of head scratching and various discussions, the 'Stretch' tug toy was born. It is completely made out of fleece, no plastic for us! But this does make it very strong, flexible and versatile. It has a looped handle at one end, which goes into a long 'stretch' of woven and knotted fleece and finishes with a tassel at the end. The 'stretch' section of the toy does as the name suggests and stretches which gives the dog either the tassels or the stretch section of the fleece to grab and encourages them to complete their agility round. Hugo loves it and Laura is extremely happy. No more sore hands for her and a very good reward for Hugo as he continues his agility dream!


Our team here of Cocoa and Luca has also tested it throughly, not as an agility toy but just as an old fashioned tug toy, the 'stretch' section of the toy making it good fun for their ever ready tug of war games. So to sum up, thanks Hugo for the inspiration, another good, solid and versatile toy added to the ever expanding range of Cocoa & Luca's toys!