The Game of Tug!

In these slightly unusual times, how do we make sure that our dogs are entertained, using their brains and kept fit?

I always think never under estimate the power of a simple game of tug with your dog. It's just a simple game, lasting either a matter of minutes or hours (I am sure you will tire before your dog)! The experts say that just a few minutes a day can help with such things as establishing your trust and boosting your bond with your dog. It can also make other areas of training easier to achieve, as this can be used a reward. 

Make sure you always initiate the game and give your dog lots of praise whilst playing. Use different toys on a day by day basis as this will keep them interested and motivated, also try and provide a solid drop cue at the end of the game as this help you to remove the tug toy. Once finished, put the toys away as you don't want to encourage chewing on the toys. 

It is best to use good tug toys, toys that protect a dogs mouth and teeth, never play with a stick or anything that is shape. A nice handle for you or something that is stretchy will avoid jarring your shoulder or your dogs neck. 

We have developed our range of fleece tug toys, taking all of the above into consideration. They are versatile, durable, easy on the hands and most of all fun! 

Here's a quick run down and what we offer:

The 'Stretch' - This has a nice comfy handle for your hand and then the fleece is woven lightly on the rope section of the toy making it stretch and flex as you play.

The 'Dummy' - The 'Dummy' has an additional layer of fleece woven into the tug part of toy making it tougher and more durable. Again, this has a handle to protect your hands from a keen tugger! 

The 'Figure of 8' - Basically a handle at both ends, one for you and one for your dog! Again, these are made out of fleece which is woven and knotted, making it comfy but more durable.

The fleece is all machine washable and the toys are all handmade by ourselves in range of lovely bright colours.