The Best Dog Bed?

It's a pretty tough question, there are so many different shapes, sizes, designs, materials, it really is what best suits you...& your dog.
Luca & Spike both have the same type of bed and for different reasons. Spike is in his 13th year and a little bit stiff in the joints so he likes a bed that supports his weight, you could say it is an orthopaedic dog bed. 
HiK9 Raised Dog Bed
Here he is with his Christmas present, Santa. The bed is a Hi-K9 Raised Pet Bed, it is a canvas cover stretched over a zinc coated metal frame, and Spike also has a fleece reversible cover on his. Because it is on legs and is raised above the ground his weight is supported by the frame, this means there is much less stress on his joints. He loves it and sleeps on it every night.
HiK9 Raised Pet Bed
Luca has the same Elevated Dog Bed by Hi-K9 but for a different reason. Luca likes to chew beds, every soft type of DOG BED he has ever had he has destroyed the minute our backs are turned! He also sheds fur quite badly and another great thing about the Hi-K9 raised dog beds are they are very easy to clean. Luca's has a mesh cover over his which allows a lot of fur to drop through it and what doesn't can be brushed off. It is also brilliant in the Summer because it allows air flow underneath it which helps to cool him.
HiK9 Raised Pet Bed
Luca's also has rubber feet to prevent movement on hard floors. They come in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and 2 dog sized, they can have mesh or canvas covers, both easy to clean, and a multitude of colours.
They are very durable, they break down and have their own carry bag, which is handy for camping, and they also make a great Outdoors Dog Bed as the metal frame is waterproof.
Are the Hi-K9 Raised Pet Beds the best dog bed? Maybe...anyway we love them and so do the dogs.
They also have leg extensions so they can be turned into Bunk Beds.

HiK9 Raised Bunk Beds
We have the whole range in-store so check them out, go on, treat your dog to the best dog bed around.