Snuffles Mat

I think Snuffles Mats are a great invention. To quote the sales pitch on them 'They encourage attentive play while mentally stimulating your dog, and busting boredom at the same time'. By sprinkling and burying treats in the Snuffles Mat it makes your dog use his nose and his brain to find them, requiring focus and concentration. The dog then receives a reward each time they find one, which encourages them to keep on snuffling!
So what is a Snuffles Mat? Basically it is a mat which is made up of multiple layers of fleece, you lay the mat on the floor and hide treats within the layers of the fleece. The dog can then smell the treats but needs to 'snuffle' the fleece to find them, hence the name 'Snuffle Mat' was born!
How to use it correctly? The first time you use the mat I suggest you place a few treats on top of the fleece of the mat, leaving them easy find, stay with your dog whilst they learn how to sniff the treats out. If your dog starts to lift or turns the mat over, tell them to leave it or hold the the mat in place by a foot or hand, as that's not what the mat is meant for.  Try to discourage playing with the mat, the purpose is to encourage finding the treats within the mat, which will be much more fun and interactive.
Once the treats have all been found, pop the mat away but repeat the process a couple of times a day for the first week. This will help your dog to associate the 'snuffling' activity with the reward of the treats. After a while you can hide a greater quantity of treats further into the fleece.  
The mat has many uses as it can help with training, for example learning self control as they have to wait while you prepare the mat, for play - 'snuffling' can use energy up, using their brain to work out how to find the treats. It might also come in handy as an extra cushion!