Snuffles Ball

Three years ago I made a prototype of what has now become one of our most popular toys - the Snuffles Ball. I still have that prototype and Cocoa & Luca use it to this day. Yes, that means that toy is three years old and it is used 3 or 4 times a week. They both still get very excited whenever it appears because they know they are going to have a fun time finding the treats that are hidden inside it.

But I must admit that the toy is now looking a little bit worse for wear, a few bits of the fleece are missing and one of the main treats holes can be seen more clearly because some of the fleece is missing, but it still works and it still functions as it should.

So why is it still alive? Cocoa doesn't tend to chew but Luca does and he has destroyed a few things in his time with us. But for some reason he doesn't chew his snuffles ball that much. I think because he knows it gives him a reward, that treats appear out of it, he is clever enough to know not to bite the hand that feeds him!

Snuffles Ball

But don't get me wrong that Snuffles Ball has certainly been put through its paces. Between Cocoa and Luca tugging at it together, throwing it around the room, rolling it, shaking it and drooling on it (Spinoni are famous for their drool!) that Snuffles Ball has taken some serious playtime. It's been inside, outside and through the washing machine more times than I can count and yet it still lives.

Now that's what I call some dog toy!