Snuffles Ball

Introducing the Cocoa & Luca’s 'Snuffles Ball'
'Wow' is always the first reaction when people see our Snuffles Balls and the second is 'gosh my dog would love of those’, and for sure Cocoa and Luca both definitely love theirs! 
But what are they and how do they work?
The Cocoa & Luca's Snuffles Balls are basically just a large ball of colourful fleece, underneath all of the fleece is a rubber honeycomb frame. The Snuffles Ball has a hole at the top and the bottom which means you can slot treats through the fleece and into the ball, and as your dog rolls or shakes the ball the treats will fall out. However, because of the density of the fleece, it makes it harder for the dogs to find the treats, therefore keeping them entertained just that little bit longer!
Personally, I think this is a lovely Interactive Dog Toy, with the many layers and strips of fleece it looks like one big ball of fun and because it's basically a ball, it can be used for a game of fetch too! 
Tips to help with interactive play:
Find the hole in the top of ball and insert a handful of small treats, about 1cm in size works best.
Cover the hole by pulling the fleece back over the hole, do this by just 'fluffing up' the fleece and also moving the knots of the fleece around the hole so no small gaps are showing. Also make sure the hole in the bottom is covered too.
As your dog rolls the balls or shakes the ball, the treats will fall out. If you want your dog to be able to find the treats very easily, then do not 'fluff up' the fleece too much or move the knots of the fleece around the holes. Leave it so the hole is not completely covered and is easily seen. 
However, if you want to give your dog a good workout, making him/her really work the ball for the treats, then make sure the holes are completely covered with the fleece. This is easy to do, just by 'fluffing up' and moving the knots, as explained above.
Enjoy and I hope your dog has as much fun with the Snuffles Ball as Cocoa & Luca do!