Further to my camping blog you will know that I am not really a fan of camping, I miss my creature comforts and to a certain extent I need order and routine.  

So you would think that I wouldn’t exactly enjoy the travelling lifestyle that we currently seem to have as we visit show by show every weekend.  I always think that the nomadic lifestyle has been romanticised over the years, starting when I was child reading anything from Treasure Island to the Chronicles of Narnia, the fun, the adventure, the exotic places and the interesting people, so since starting TUFFDOGS STUFF LTD and visiting the country fairs has it lived up to my childish expectations? Yes it has because although it's very hard work I get to meet loads and loads of four legged, furry friends and they get the chance to be fitted for a new DOG TRAVEL HARNESS OR A DOG PACKPACK, OR EVEN A DOG LIFE JACKET, which could possibly save their life. 

At the ALL ABOUT DOGS SHOW in Lincoln in June it was two highly characteristic BRITISH BULLDOGS along with a family that were going to collect their very own SPANISH WATER DOG puppy the following week, so exciting as I haven't seen many of them here in the UK, I was starting to wonder if Cocoa was the only one!  The best sellers that week were the HI-K9 RAISED DOG BEDS, the KJK ROPEWORKS LEADS, along with the SLO-BOWLS which helps stop those speedy eaters.

The CRANLEIGH SHOW in Surrey was by far the best in terms of the amount of people and paws that visited our stand and again the KJK ROPEWORKS LEADS went down a dog treat along with our new LONGPAWS WATER DRINKING BOTTLES. That day we had a super FRENCH BULLDOG come and say hello and he went home with a new RED DINGO COLLAR as he had seen Spikey model his so well he wanted one too!  

So, what's next for TUFFDOGS STUFF? This weekend we are at the ST ALBANS COUNTRY SHOW so watch this space as to who we meet there, or better yet come and see for yourself.