Paracord Neck Lanyards

Our handmade paracord neck lanyard range are beautifully designed by us at Tuffdogs Stuff for our Cocoa and Luca's handmade brand.


They are made from 550 commercial grade paracord and have been pre-shrunk to ensure they don't shrink if they get wet. They are all fitted with a breakaway clasp so that in the event of them snagging they will separate without causing an injury.

The Cocoa & Luca range includes ones with various whistles, professional training clickers, or just with a split ring so people can choose for themselves what they wish to use them for, they don't have to be dog owners, sometimes you just don't have enough pockets for those keys that you are always losing, so use your Cocoa & Luca handmade lanyard, attach your keys to the split ring and hang them around your neck, trust me, they won't get lost. They are also very useful for work identity badges but with a bit more swish and glamour than your usual string or rope!


 They come in a range of colours and will be randomly picked unless you specifically want to choose the colours, if so please state which two colours when ordering your handmade Cocoa & Luca lanyard from us at Tuffdogs Stuff Ltd.