New Products 2019

New products for 2019


We always love to start the new year off with some brand-new Cocoa & Luca’s handmade products and 2019 has been no exception. Look at what we can introduce:  

As we had so many requests last year for a smaller version of our very successful Snuffles Ball, we thought it was about time we developed one. I am very happy to introduce our Mini Snuffles Ball. It is 13cm in diameter, so quite a bit smaller than the others in the range. It still works in the same way with 2 holes opposite, so you can place treats inside which as the dog rolls, shakes and throws the ball, it will release the treats. It can also be used for tug and fetch games and gosh it looks so sweet and dinky!

Another version of the Mini Snuffles Ball is one that includes a woven fleece rope on to the ball. This makes it a lot easier for tug and fetch games.  It can still be used for adding treats inside but just with the added dimension of the rope, making it easier to tug harder or throw further!

We have also introduced a new range of tug toys. These are a selection of brightly colour 'Fusion' toys of unusual shapes, which have been attached to our specially woven fleece rope or handle for that much-loved game of tug or fetch. The 'Fusion' toys are engineered with hybrid technology, meaning they are light but strong, can float and also bounce.  Grooves have been placed in various different places on the toys which will help to clean your dog’s teeth as they tug. They are fun for your dog but also serve a very good purpose with the teeth cleaning aspect, making sure your dog exercises his jaw and mouth, which is certainly a clever way to play!

As always, we will continue to develop new toys as the year goes on, however if you would love or need a new toy to suit your needs, do please get in touch via the website of or email