How to use Cocoa & Luca's Snuffles Ball

We are often asked how to use our Snuffles Balls, so here are a few tips!

Cocoa & Luca’s tips for using your new Snuffles Ball:

There will be four larger holes running around the centre of the Snuffles Ball.

Find one of these holes and pull away the fleece.

Insert the desired amount of treats into the hole.

Cover the hole with the fleece and make sure the remaining three holes are also covered.

You can make it as easy or as difficult as you wish:

Easy: make sure the single hole is left fairly open.

Difficult: Really ruffle the fleece up and make sure all the holes are covered securely by the fleece.

That’s all you have to do, now sit back and watch as your dog rolls, shakes and throws the ball around. Playing, working and using their brain to get the treats out.

Looking after your toy:

The Snuffles Ball can be washed on a very low heat in your washing machine, just find an old pillowcase and place the ball inside that, secure the top of the pillow case and insert into your machine.  Wash on a very low heat and low spin and then leave to dry naturally.