Fleece Tug Toys for Dogs

Fleece Tug Toys

Our Cocoa & Luca's Handmade Fleece Tug Toys are hand made by US, we use quality anti-pill fleece making them very soft, but they are very durable.  They come in five different sizes so we have one for any size of dog.  We also have a version with a Chuck-it Ball attached to it, Chuck-it Balls are extremely tough DOG TOYS, they are just about the best DOG BALL on the market, Spike and Luca have not destroyed their Chuck-it Balls yet, nearly a year later!

All types of dogs seem to love our Fleece Tug Toys the agility dogs love them, they are very handy for use in training. Water dogs love them as the Fleece Tug Toys with Chuck-it Balls are good for fetching in and out of water (they wash and dry well - the toys not the dogs!), dogs like Cocoa, the ones that love to play, constantly and lastly, they have been handy to whack my husband round the head with, not on purpose of course it was an accident!


They are made in the UK (Norfolk to be precise), we love to promote being British, our Union Jack colour ones support this, but they are also available in other colours, just so we are not biased!