Cocoa & Luca's Handmade Fleece Tug Toys

Our Cocoa & Luca's Handmade Fleece Tug Toys are made from intricate knots and weaves using the highest quality fleece, these will give your dog hours of fun playing, using them as tug toys or for throwing and fetch games. 
In our Cocoa and Luca range we have four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large (see size guide for lengths), the extra large are for the more heavy duty chewers!  We also have the Handmade Fleece Tug Toy with Chuck-it Ball, these are great for tug games or throwing for fetch games.  We have found that the Chuck-it Balls are one of the better and more durable balls on the market, our ball tester (Cocoa of Cocoa and Luca!) is yet to break it!
Colours are assorted, so is the shape, some are round, some are square so it's a surprise when you receive your a Cocoa & Luca handmade tug toy! 
Please supervise your dog whilst playing and ensure they are not left unattended.