Camping with Dogs

So why are we going camping?  Good question.

As TUFFDOGS STUFF LTD takes off we wanted to get out and about doing the Country Shows, Game Fairs & Dog Shows, meeting people and other dogs, so the easiest way to do this with 3 dogs in tow was camping. So we thought in anticipation of this we had better get some practice in.

After spending 2 hours loading the car up with not only all of the camping equipment but the DOG ACCESSORIES too; Luca's special SLO-BOWL because he EATS TOO QUICKLY, Cocoa's RUFFWEAR APPROACH DOG BACKPACK which includes her WEBMASTER DOG HARNESS for the DOG CAR TRAVEL, her RUFFWEAR POLAR TREX hiking boots to stop the pads on her feet cracking.  In the end they had more TUFFDOGS STUFF than we did.

In the grand scheme of things I suppose it didn't go too badly, once the car was packed, the DOG CAR HARNESSES were on the dogs which are then secured into the seat belt with the DOG SEATBELT CLIP BY KURGO and there was some sort of resemblance of order on the backseat (a little tip to help stop the dog hairs ingraining themselves into the car seat upholstery is that we use a BACK SEAT HAMMOCK by OUTWARD HOUND).  We made it to the campsite in one piece, the new air tent blew up as it should (with a hand pump, not a bomb as I would have preferred) and the weather (for a change) was sunny.  

Sleeping overnight was not easy, first of all, I was cold in my winter sleeping bag, even though it was June and secondly Spike has an awful habit of rucking all his blankets up, snuffling around for half an hour, to settle down and then do it all over again every hour on the hour.  As soon as daylight broke we gave up, threw the proverbial towel in and decided to get up, we had a quick breakfast and then kitted the dogs out in their DOG HIKING GEAR, i.e. Cocoa in her RUFFWEAR APPROACH BACKPACK and her RUFFWEAR POLAR TREX BOOTS and Spike in his RUFFWEAR SWAMP COOLER VEST.  We did actually have a good hike but then it was time to do everything in reverse order, let the air out of the tent, pack up, squeeze everything and everybody back into the car and head home and boy was I pleased to see my power shower and duvet!