Bloat in Dogs

Bloat can be a serious problem and in dogs it has been known to be a life threatening condition.  Basically it enlarges the stomach which then puts pressure on other organs, making breathing difficult and decreasing the blood supply to other organs and if not caught quick enough, in extreme cases this can result in death.

So what can be done to help prevent this symptom occurring?  Two of the main no no's are that you shouldn't exercise your dog one hour before consuming food and also one hour after, the same goes for drinking water too.

Another common cause is eating far too quickly and Luca, our Italian Spinone is a prime example of this.  He will gulp 300g of food in just over one minute, which okay, I will admit I have seen far quicker but he is certainly on the speedy side and we felt that we needed to slow him down in some way.

After various false starts we happened on the Slo-Bowl slow feeder.  It's basically a round or square bowl with either a maze or ridges inside which makes the dog move around and chase the food inside, thereby slowing the feeding down and making it into more of a game.

The bowl is made from high quality, food safe materials and it does have a nice solid construction to it with a non slip bottom making sure Luca can't push it around the floor.

Take a look at this video clip and see what you think