Kurgo Impact Harness
Kurgo Impact Harness
Kurgo Impact Harness
Kurgo Impact Harness

Kurgo Impact Harness

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It took 8 years for Kurgo to get the Impact Harness to market. That’s 8 years of trying, failing, learning, planning, engineering and crash-testing car harnesses, and it’s all gone into the Impact Harness. It uses a single piece of tubular webbing with reinforced bar tacking. The result? A veritable monument to safety and comfort, built to the standards the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards created for child restraint systems. 


Features & Benefits - 

  • Crash tested with simulated dogs up to 48 kgs.
  • Constructed of a single piece of 1800 kgs tubular webbing with reinforced bar tacking
  • All steel nesting style buckles and  hardware
  • 4 adjustment points for a near perfect fit on all shapes and sizes
  • Fully integrated into your vehicle’s seatbelt system, requiring no additional straps or attachments
  • Leash attachment on back of harness


Size Guide -

The webbing on the harness is one single piece so the harness is very adjustable to different proportions. We recommend selecting a size based on the weight of your dog. Please size UP if your dog is on the edge of the weight range.

Small: 5-11kg

Medium: 11-23kg

Large: 23-34kg

XL: 34-47kg



Crash Test Information - 

The Kurgo Impact harness has been tested up to 108 lbs. at an established University testing facility using the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for child restraint systems. See below for a link to the crash test report and videos for specific harness sizes and results.

The Impact Harness initially passed for dogs weighing up to 130lbs at the University of Michigan testing facility in 2016. Since then, we’ve refined our dog dummy for accuracy, and improved our testing standards. The Impact Harness passed the crash test at Calspan in 2020 for dogs weighing up to 108 pounds using current PPSC testing guidelines. The new crash-test dog dummy has been vetted and will be the standard going forward for PPSC tests. In our effort to act as a leader in the dog safety space, we will continually update our crash-testing methods as industry standards change.

Report - Link Here

Crash Test Video - Small Dog

Crash Test Video - Medium Dog