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Tug Toy - 'Dumbell'

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These fleece dog tug toys will give your dog hours of fun playing tug, or they can be used for fetch games. For the chewers amongst you they will give your teeth and jaws a good workout. We use fleece for our doggy tug toys because it is deceptively strong, and unlike rope toys, you won't have endless strings of toy passing through your dog!

We actively promote interactive play with your dogs, they will much more enjoy playing tug games with you than just being left with a toy, even if its only for a short time. We recommend playing tug with your dog and then taking their toy away until next time, they will enjoy the bonding and then look forward to the next time, it also prolongs the life of your fleece tug toy!

This version is the 'Dumbell' Fleece Tug Toy and as the name suggests, it is especially for the bigger dogs with stronger jaws, at 8cm diameter it really is big!

This is our strongest toy yet! It is woven over a core which makes it very, very hard, this really is for the strongest of jaws!

Colours are random, so I'm afraid it will be a surprise, unless you send us a note with your order and we will see what we can do. Colours available are Red, White, Blue, Orange, Grey, Lime, Turquoise, Lemon, Pink & Purple.

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