Fleece Dog Tug Toy
Fleece Dog Tug Toy

Tug Toy - EVA Ball

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Our Fleece Tug Toys are fantastic for interactive play with your dogs, they love playing tug at all ages, and these toys are great for that. The balls are EVA, they are pretty bite resistant, and very durable, they also float!

Our fleece is also deceptively durable, and these toys will out last most mass made commercial dog toys. We encourage playing with your dog and then removing their toys, this way they last even longer, your dog will look forward to these play sessions, and it is a great way of bonding with your dog.

All balls are Yellow and the Fleece colours are random, so I'm afraid it will be a surprise, unless you send us a note with your order and we will see what we can do. Colours available are Red, White, Blue, Orange, Grey, Lime, Turquoise, Lemon, Pink & Purple.

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